My performance ensures that your event is supported by a professional who is committed to three basic principles


Emphasis is given on the personal relationship between the DJ and the customer throughout the process of the event, as well as on thorough planning, to guarantee an amazing atmosphere, no matter how diverse an audience might be in terms of culture, age or mood.




kostas milotakis

Kostas Miliotakis

Kostas Miliotakis is a renowned musician, composer and conductor.


DuoViolins is the result of a collaboration between two musicians with polymorphic artistic activities.

Fivos Bozas

Fivos is A well-known saxophonist that has mastered jazz music.


  • Μarkos & Αriel
    George was recommended to us, when we were looking for DJs for our wedding in Mykonos. He is very open-minded, empathetic, collaborative and flexible. He created a great music program according to our wishes for our wedding night. His network is indeed extensive as he assisted in putting together a live band as well, which was very well regarded during our party. We highly recommend him for any occasion due to his professionalism and talent!
  • Αlexandros & Chryssa
    George you contributed ideally to the best party of our life and we felt as you were not just a DJ but someone who enjoyed being with us! You had another party next evening but still you stayed partying for us till early morning. Very Professional! Thank you again.
  • Stratos
    Excellent DJ!!!
    George is a great DJ. He is very friendly, talented, and will provide you with the type of service and ambiance you are seeking.We had an absolutely wonderful experience with George as our DJ and could not have asked for better! He was very responsive to our inquiries, worked around our schedule to meet us face to face, replied quickly to our questions, was on site early to set up, and gave us the exact music and atmosphere we were hoping for our international wedding party(Guests from around the world) ! He was professional yet entertaining, and always kept the bride and groom's interests first. George was flexible and he integrated our preferred songs into a great playlist for the dancefloor, timed all the music for the ceremony perfectly and we had a great time! An absolutely excellent experience, and we definitely recommend George to anyone considering a DJ. Thanks George!
  • Nikos A.
    The Best DJ!
    George was the main reason that our wedding ceremony turned into an amazing, non-stop dancing party that lasted until morning. He was friendly and helpful from the beginning and the most important is that during the party, he could catch the vibes while covering most of the audience preferences. The result? the dance stage during the wedding party was always full!
  • Lindsay F.
    Dancing all night long!! DJ George provided amazing music and energy for our July 2019 wedding at Ktima Argithea. We provided a long list of songs that we liked, and he drew from this list and his own catalogue to keep the crowd dancing and happy all night long. We hosted guests from Greece, France, and the US and he was able to draw from all three cultures for his playlist. From 90s hip hop to French house music to modern and traditional Greek music, George had it all. We did not stop dancing all night. Our party was fantastic and would not have been the same without DJ George.
  • George S.
    The best DJ in all of Greece.
    If you are looking for a DJ look no further. Organising a wedding is a huge task, and not something most people have experience in doing. George was so organised and so professional that he helped structure our entire wedding. He gave us advice on the best practices methods for pulling off an amazing wedding. We are talking about templates on the best schedules from thousands of hours of experience of his. Some key concepts were not have people wait too long between the ceremony and getting food for example. How the food should be served, what to tell the caterer and the photographers, to prevent catastrophe. There was actually a situation where we ran over with photos, and George ran down the mountain (literally a mountain) to where we were having photos to let us know that we need to swap some things around on the schedule as people were getting hangry (yes when people get so hungry they become angry). George is there to make sure your wedding is the party of the century. We had multiple Skype sessions with George so he could learn what types of music we like, in order to not simply make play lists of music, but actually edit and create sound tracks that will insure the music builds and the party just flows. We were receiving sound cloud mixes of different ambience music for the cocktail hour for months where he was gauging what we liked and didn't like (I subscribe to Georges' sound cloud and use his music for events at home now). When we told him we wanted some South African Music (not common for Europe), he knew hundreds of artists and wanted to know what level of depth of South African Music we wanted. He gave us ratios of how many Greek, English, South African songs we could play to create the perfect balance. No matter where your wedding is, it wont be the same without George. It is worth it to bring George to any island or Country. We had ours in Milos and we brought George from Athens and it was the best decision we ever made. Thank you George for everything!!!
  • George & Christina
    I had a great experience working with George. He listens carefully to what types of music you like and works it into his programme effortlessly. George takes a very personal approach in planning his programme - the result was a modern, dynamic set into which he worked all our favourites. George is great at reading the mood of the dancefloor and keeping everyone on it! His repertoire is huge and he is able to work all sorts of music into his programme seamlessly. George is professional, reliable and great to work with. He loves what he does and this is very obvious in his work.